Deborah Barlow Biography

Deborah Barlow is a painter whose images are evocative of states of matter, from microscopic forms and terrestrial landscapes to the hyperspectral imaging of space. She uses pigments, metallic powders and a variety of substrates to capture the complexity of a multi-layered and visually rich world. From a recent review in Art News, “One risks confounding the senses even before peeling back the first layer of brusque sensuality that clings to the surface of her paintings…a soulful, sympathetic sensibility that is rare to find in such an obsessive technician.”

Originally from California, Barlow has lived in New York City and Boston over the last 40 years. She has had over 50 solo exhibits in commercial galleries, universities and museums in the United States, Canada and Europe. She was featured in major exhibitions at the Woodbury Museum in Utah and the Morris Graves Museum of Art in California. Her work is included in museum, corporate and private collections.

In addition to her studio work, she writes about art, art making and visual culture. Essays can be found at Slow Muse. She lives in Brookline Massachusetts and has a studio in nearby Waltham.

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